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Source: NY1
Subject: Housing & Environmental Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Asthmatic Youth Ask DOH To Better Enforce Asthma Triggers In Their Homes

 A group of Brooklyn students with asthma rallied Tuesday against housing conditions they say make it worse.

The protestors gathered outside the Department of Health office in Manhattan, saying they want the agency to better control asthma triggers, such as mold, cockroaches, and rats, in their homes.

They say without that enforcement, they’re getting sick and missing school.

"We have been meeting with the Department of Health on and off for a year," said Santy Zambrano of Make the Road New York. "There has been very little progress working with them. They just don’t see asthma as a priority."

"What we want is the Health Department to actually get on the landlords cases and put in more restrictions," said activist Jose Luis Rodriguez.

The Health Department says it understands the groups concerns, but says, "there is not sufficient scientific consensus to justify the specific policies the group is demanding."