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Source: Workers Independent News
Subject: Workplace Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Bill Will Make New York A Leader In Fighting Wage Theft


[Amy Carroll]:
“It’s a really exciting piece of
legislation in New York state that’s going to
make New York state that’s really going to
make New York
the leader in the fight to end wage theft."

Make The Road New York Legal
Director Amy Carroll
, on a bill introduced in the New York state legislature this week to
combat wage theft. Wage theft by employers is a growing problem nationally and Carroll says it’s a big problem in New York, where the
Coalition to Prevent Wage Theft & Protect Responsible Businesses will
conduct a vigorous campaign against wage theft.

[Carroll2] : “A number of
studies have come out recently showing just how drastic the problem is in New York. Workers are
working 70 hours a week with no overtime, they’re making under the minimum
wage. This is going to be a statewide campaign to bring attention to instances
of wage theft, and really point out why tools that are contained in the Wage
Theft Prevention Act are so critical in the fight to get wages back into the
workers hands who actually earn them and back into our communities."