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Know Your Rights

Our fight in Albany isn’t over!

  • Jose Lopez Co-Executive Director

This weekend Governor Kathy Hochul showed us yet again who she truly is: a puppet for the real estate industry. She pushed through a New York State budget that prioritized her millionaire donors and industry friends over the needs of working-class New Yorkers.

To say we are disappointed is an understatement. At a time when we are facing an unprecedented affordability crisis in every corner of the state, this budget is a huge missed opportunity to provide essential relief to all New Yorkers.

Make no mistake: Governor Hochul was the number one obstacle to passing meaningful and statewide tenant protections against unfair evictions and unreasonable rent hikes, expanding health insurance for low-income immigrants, and making billionaire New Yorkers pay what they owe in taxes.
At​​ the same time we want to thank you, the members of our community and our allies, who fought so hard to hold the line against even more disastrous rollbacks on tenant protections. Because of your relentless efforts—the petitions, the phone calls, the trips to Albany—our champions in the legislature were able to cobble together a deal that provides some safeguards against price gouging and unreasonable non-renewal of leases in New York City.

Obviously these protections do not go far enough, and it’s not what we wanted. But it may have a real impact on those living in New York City who are currently struggling under the crushing burden of unaffordable rent.

We will continue fighting tooth and nail—marching, taking over the streets in NYC and the halls of Albany—until we create a New York where everyone has the freedom to stay and the freedom to thrive. Thank you for joining us.

In solidarity,
Jose Lopez
Co-Executive Director, Make the Road NY