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Category: Workplace Justice

🎥WATCH: The march to Albany is going strong!

  • Angeles Solis Lead Organizer

Last Tuesday, excluded workers launched a historic march through the districts of key state leaders. They have been marching on foot through New York City, the Bronx, and Yonkers – calling on the Governor and state leaders to secure relief for thousands and pass the first ever Excluded Worker Unemployment Program. Marches and actions have continued through Ossining, Newburgh, Kingston and more!

Check out these videos from the powerful march and share them widely. Click on photos to watch!

DAY 1. “Today we march for a future of no exclusion.”

Excluded workers with the Fund Excluded Workers coalition rallied and kicked off a march from NYC to Albany to secure relief and close the gaps in our safety net for good.

After Gov. Hochul and state lawmakers left excluded workers behind in the budget, the need for intervention in Albany was clear.

The marchers are arriving in Albany tomorrow. Will you support our mobilizing efforts to show up in big numbers tomorrow?

DAY 2. “We are marching to ask for more funds for the workers who have been excluded. My application was denied, so we’re marching to Albany.”

The marchers tried to meet with Assemblymember Michael Benedetto, who has yet to support excluded workers’ demands, but were met by the cops instead.

Undeterred, the march continued!

DAY 3. “It’s a disgrace that we have billions going to a football stadium when people are starving.”

On a very rainy St. Patricks Day, excluded workers reminded Gov. Kathy Hochul, of Irish descent, that 5,000 undocumented Irish have been left out of relief, too.

Help us mobilize hundreds of members tomorrow to show Albany leaders that we are fighting for full inclusion of workers in the state budget.

Tomorrow, over 1,000 excluded workers from all over the state will march on Albany to say loud and clear: Always Essential, Excluded No More!

Thank you for your support!