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Know Your Rights
Category: Housing Justice

🏠💐This Mother’s Day, join the fight for tenant rights!

My name is Grisel Pacheco, I am a proud mother and member of Make the Road NY and a tenant in New York City, where I live with my 3 children.

When the kitchen sink pipe broke in my apartment in Ridgewood my landlord refused to make repairs and we were forced to leave our home. Rents in Ridgewood are rising astronomically and we could no longer afford to stay. We moved to a new neighborhood, away from our community and from my children’s schools.

A lack of tenant protections for me and my neighbors is what forced me out of my home and disrupted our lives.

{{Recipient.FirstName}}, will you send a letter to your State representative this Mother’s Day to demand that Governor Hochul and the NY State legislature give all tenants, including immigrant mothers like me, the #RightToRemain!

I’m not alone, millions of New York tenants experience this every day as they do not have rights against unjustified evictions, landlord abuse and rent increases.

We are fighting for the #RightToRemain. Learn more about our ongoing fight for tenants and take action here!

There is a solution: Good Cause Eviction Legislation. We urge the State legislature to pass this legislative proposal so that the 5 million tenants living in unregulated apartments feel protected, without fear of an exaggerated hike in rent and without fear of being evicted.

Across New York State, renters are being hit with massive rent increases, sometimes as much as 100%. Help us fight back today by sending a letter to your State Representatives!

New York mothers like me need urgent action on housing protections. I will continue to be at risk of displacement without Good Cause Eviction Legislation. Housing is a human right and our families and children deserve to live with dignity in this State.

¡Sí se puede!

— Grisel Pacheco, Make the Road NY member