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Know Your Rights
Category: Housing Justice

📲: Urgent, call TODAY to protect NY tenants

  • Jose Lopez Co-Executive Director

Tenants across New York are facing enormous rent hikes, retaliatory evictions and unstable housing. The legislative session is scheduled to end next week, and state leaders have still not taken action on Good Cause Eviction Legislation. We need your help, call your representative and tell them that New York tenants need protections now!

We just returned from an action in Manhattan to make these demands clear, and last week over 50 people, including me and 4 other members of our team, were arrested after blocking the Senate and Assembly chambers to remind leaders of the urgency of this fight.

Watch the powerful video from that day to hear tenants share why we need Good Cause now.

As our member Jhefres Reyes shares in the video: “Why is Good Cause necessary? Because we can’t leave our communities vulnerable to an arbitrary system that results in injustices. We need justice, and we need it now.”

After watching the video, please take action with us by calling your representative and demanding they give all New York tenants the right to remain in their homes by supporting Good Cause Eviction.