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Know Your Rights
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A future for all of us

  • Deborah Axt Allied Board Member

This week we witnessed with perfect clarity that white supremacy is here and thriving. Trump has enabled and encouraged his supporters’ hateful violence and has spent the past four years enacting white supremacist policies which directly harm so many of us.

Grassroots organizing led by Black and Brown people is the way to build a better future — one that is truly democratic and grounded in values of freedom and justice. No matter who is in office in Washington, Make the Road is here. We are ready to continue fighting for the respect and dignity of our members and communities across the country and here in New York.

We are urgently addressing the ongoing crises facing our communities. Immigrant, Black, Brown, and TGNCIQ+ communities are hurting more than ever from the impacts of the pandemic, struggling to make rent and feed their families. Meanwhile, New York’s 120 billionaires grew $77 billion richer during the pandemic — to a total net worth of $600 billion. This tremendous disparity is another symptom of an economic system built on exploitation and white supremacy.

This week, we held our first actions of the year. We launched the Invest In Our New York campaign along with over 100 grassroots, labor, and community organizations and state elected officials. The Invest In Our New York Act would be the most progressive legislation to raise revenue in New York State ever, by ending tax breaks for the wealthiest New Yorkers. As we continue to deal with the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that New York State takes bold action to rebuild our economy.

The Invest in Our New York Act is a package of 6 bills that would raise $50 billion to help our New York recover. Learn more about the Invest In Our New York campaign here and take action!

This week has been incredibly overwhelming, but know that we are thinking of all of you with a lot of love and will continue to be bold to build the power of our people.

We will win and we will do it along with all of you, our members, staff, and allies.