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Category: Workplace Justice

A *NEW* campaign to #EndUnjustFirings in NYC!

We are thrilled to share a new campaign to end unjust firings of New York City workers!

Currently, New York City’s at-will employment system allows employers to terminate workers at any time – without a fair reason or for no reason at all. In a new study released along with Data For Progress this week, we revealed that 90% of workers in NYC are fired without warning, and 60% say their bosses gave them no reason or an unfair or inaccurate reason before firing them. Outrageous!

To learn more, check out our memo with Data For Progress: Fired Without Warning or Reason: Why New Yorkers Need Just Cause Job Protections.

On Monday, along with The Secure Jobs coalition which consists of workers’ rights organizations, unions and allies, we launched our solution to help create safer workplaces by ending unjust firings.

The Secure Jobs Act (Intro 837) is a New York City Council bill that if passed, would:

  • Require employers to provide 14 days’ notice and a written explanation when terminating an employee.
  • Prohibit the use of electronic monitoring in discipline and discharge decisions.
  • Implement a progressive discipline system to give employees the opportunity to receive feedback and improve work performance before being terminated.
  • Require employers to show proof of economic hardship before they may lay workers off.

Secure jobs mean secure communities. Behind every worker, there is a community that can be detrimentally impacted by an unfair firing.

As our member Diana Candia, who was unjustly fired last December, shared at the campaign launch on Monday: “I consider myself a responsible, dedicated and hardworking person, I cannot understand why I deserve to lose my job without any reason or prior notice. My income supports my family and now what am I going to do while I look for a new job?”

Follow The Secure Jobs coalition on Instagram and Twitter for regular updates on this new campaign, and join us in the fight to be the first city in the United States to pass The Secure Jobs Act to #EndUnjustFirings!

¡Sí se puede!