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Category: Workplace Justice

Amazon Labor Union joins fight to #EndUnjustFirings!

  • Amy Pinilla Workplace Justice Campaign Organizer

Our members are fighting to protect workers from unjust and arbitrary firings through The Secure Jobs Act, because all workers deserve job security.  

On Tuesday, they gathered with other members of The Secure Jobs NYC Coalition, Amazon Labor Union (ALU) leaders, including ALU’s President Chris Smalls, and City Councilmember Tiffany Cabán at the historic bus stop that started the Amazon labor movement. At the bus stop outside Amazon’s JFK8 warehouse on Staten Island, they called on the New York City Council to pass The Secure Jobs Act (Intro 837) this year to protect workers.

Tell your Councilmember to support the Secure Jobs Act to protect New York City workers from unjust terminations that can devastate our families and communities!

1 in 3 New York City workers reported having employers that use electronic monitoring to discipline or fire workers. 

For workers at fulfillment centers like JFK8, the Secure Jobs Act would mean more humane and dignified work environments––it would restrict the use of electronic monitoring in discharge and discipline decisions, a common tactic in terminations and intimidation by Amazon. But that’s not all; it would also:  

-Require employers to provide 14 days’ notice and a written explanation when terminating an employee.
-Implement a progressive discipline system to give employees the opportunity to improve work performance before being terminated.
-Require employers to show proof of economic hardship before they lay workers off.

It’s time to end unjust and arbitrary firings across New York City. With the Secure Jobs Act, this is possible. Take Action: Send a letter to your Councilmember, and urge them to support workers.

Follow The Secure Jobs coalition on Instagram and Twitter for regular updates on this campaign, and join us in the fight to be the first city in the United States to pass The Secure Jobs Act to #EndUnjustFirings!

¡Sí se puede!