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Category: Workplace Justice

Congrats to unionized Amazon workers!

BIG NEWS! Workers at Amazon’s Staten Island JFK8 warehouse just voted to form a union!

This is the first Amazon union in the country. Make the Road New York has been representing workers in this facility for two years, as they’ve toiled in unsafe conditions, endured illegal retaliation, and more. This momentous victory is a testament to their dedication and organizing skills.

For years, Amazon has focused on retaliating against its workers rather than listening to their concerns. Most recently, in an attempt to bust organizers’ union efforts, the company called the NYPD who arrested three Amazon Labor Union (ALU) organizers right outside the warehouse. We expressed our outrage when this happened.

We’ve been providing legal support, sharing the workers’ stories and working with elected officials to rein in Amazon’s abuses. We are amazed by their tenacity and we are honored to work alongside them.

We want to wish a huge congratulations to the ALU for this victory! The journey of the ALU is just beginning, but they will inspire many more workers to collectively wield their power to fight for the dignity and respect on the job they deserve.

Tweet at and follow the ALU (@amazonlabor) to congratulate them on the victory and for more updates.