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DACA is here to stay! Check out our NYDACA.org site to learn more!

  • Javier H. Valdés Co-Executive Director
  • Deborah L. Axt Co-Executive Director

Last week, in response to our lawsuit, the Supreme Court voted in favor of DACA recipients!

Because of our victory, over 700,000 young people will be able to renew their work permits and protections. New undocumented youth will be able to apply for the first time to work, study, and pursue their dreams. This is a result of our lawsuit, Wolf v. Batalla Vidal, and the tireless organizing that we did with allies across the country!

We are getting ready to support a whole new generation of young immigrants to apply for DACA and to support those who already have DACA to renew.

We launched a *NEW* website to keep our communities informed of what’s now possible and what can change.

Our website has the most up-to-date information on what the DACA decision means for current DACA recipients and potential new applicants.

Check out our video with Eliana Fernandez, plaintiff in our DACA lawsuit and MRNY lead organizer, explaining what the DACA decision means for our community!

Share our website with your friends and networks, and let’s continue celebrating this hard-fought victory for immigrants!

¡Sí se puede!