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DACA is still on the line, support our fight!

I am a member of Make the Road New York, and the lead plaintiff in the Wolf v. Batalla Vidal lawsuit. Our case allowed DACA holders like me to continue renewing our DACA even after the Trump Administration tried to unlawfully end the program in 2017, and with our latest victory in court in December 2020, we restored the program to its original form, making hundreds of thousands of young people eligible to apply for the first time.

Right now, the future of DACA is on the line again as we await a critical decision in the Texas v U.S. lawsuit seeking to end the program.

This uncertainty for immigrant youth like myself can not continue. As we wait for a decision, we are asking you to support our fight to secure permanent protection. Will you contribute today?

Since the program’s inception, we have fiercely fought to keep the DACA program alive, living anxiously from court ruling to court ruling, and re-submitting our DACA applications every two years. But we don’t want to live like this anymore. We deserve so much more; we deserve a pathway to citizenship. 

To make that dream a reality, we are fighting for The Dream and Promise Act which would bring relief to millions of undocumented youth and TPS holders. The Dream and Promise Act has  passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. Once law, it would bring me, and millions of others DACA recipients, one step closer to permanent protections in this country.

AND we are fighting for legislation to provide a pathway to citizenship for essential workers, and for 11 million undocumented people in this country, through the Essential Workers Bill and the US Citizenship Act.

This is the year for congress and the administration to deliver on their promise of a pathway to citizenship for immigrants. Especially after a year when immigrants have sacrificed so much — working on the frontlines of this pandemic, facing illness and losing loved ones — the time is now! Undocumented immigrants can’t be both essential and deportable. Support this urgent fight today with a donation. 

In solidarity,

Martin Batalla