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DACA RESTORED! Major victory in our lawsuit for immigrant youth and their families!

  • Deborah Axt Allied Board Member

We have incredible news! In our federal lawsuit Batalla Vidal v. Wolf, Judge Garaufis just ordered the Trump administration to begin accepting new DACA applications for the first time since 2017!

We will begin submitting applications immediately, and we need your help. A generous donor has offered to match donations for DACA applications up to $40,000! Every dollar you give will be doubled!

The judge ordered that DACA must be restored to its 2012 original form–reopening DACA to first-time applicants, restoring work authorization and renewals to two-years and making travel on advance parole more widely available.

Our legal team has been working non-stop since 2017 to fight this cruel policy in federal court, and to provide support to impacted members. Our lawyers have been working alongside co-counsel at the National Immigration Law Center and Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization at Yale Law School. Thank you to our partners for your hard work!

Our members, who were plaintiffs in the case alongside Make the Road NY, helped restore this program for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants across the country!

We want to take a moment to thank Martin, Eliana, Carolina, Antonio, Carlos, Johana, Ximena, M.B.F and Sonia. They demonstrated immense bravery–in the face of attacks by this administration–and brought their stories into the public, to help other young people secure safety in this country.

As Johana said:

Immigrant youth have resisted this cruel administration’s continuous attacks, and once more we have won. Now, first-time applicants like me will be able to have access to the DACA program and current recipients will be able to breathe a little easier as DACA is restored to its original form. I am now able to look forward to returning to school, and feel safe that I won’t be separated from my community.

Can you donate today to help us celebrate and get to work supporting young people like Johana in applying for DACA? Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar. A gift of $495 will enable us to cover two full DACA application fees. We greatly appreciate your support at any level.

All eligible individuals are encouraged to consult with an immigration attorney to apply or renew their DACA immediately. Learn more here at &

DACA has enabled so many of our members to work, go to school, travel and so much more. We can’t wait for more young people to have access to the sense of security and opportunity that DACA brings.

Thank you for your support!

In solidarity,