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Category: Immigration

NEW: Our Deportation Defense Manual!

  • Yaritza Mendez Co-Organizing Director

This week, we are proud to re-launch our Deportation Defense Manual, a resource for immigrants impacted by the escalation of immigration enforcement activity, and for allies interested in becoming a support person for those affected. 

Check out our Deportation Defense Manual TODAY to learn more!

At a time when the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues to target immigrants, our manual aims to provide up-to-date information, resources and a guide to create a plan of action to protect targeted communities against hyper enforcement.

Our updated Deportation Defense Manual has 3 sections: 

  1. Know Your Rights: Learn about your rights at home and in public spaces when interacting with ICE agents. This section also includes information and resources on how to prepare yourself in case you, or a family member, is detained by ICE. 
  2. Rapid Response to Raids: A guide on how to support someone who has been detained. This includes information on how to locate a person, how to visit them, how to ensure their loved ones know what steps to take, and how to assess options for legal representation.
  3. Deportation Defense: Learn how to fight deportation cases through organizing and community participation, how to organize a campaign, fundraise, and how to become involved in the movement to end the separation of our families.

Download our Deportation Defense Manual to learn about your rights and/or how to become an ally of immigrants!

For years, ICE has perpetuated harm, detained and separated families. Recently, ICE has transferred dozens of people from Orange County Jail in upstate NY without any notice or explanation. Our manual aims to help fight back against ICE’s harmful and deceiving tactics on our communities. Thank you for standing with us!