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Category: Housing Justice

Evictions paused, rent relief on its way

  • Jennifer Hernandez Lead Organizer

This week New York State extended the eviction moratorium through August 31st. This is critical to keep tenants in their home as jobs begin to return and as they wait for applications to open for the COVID-19 emergency rental assistance program we won in April.

Support our fights for housing justice today.

As our supervising housing attorney Jennie Stephens-Romero told the New York Times this week, the communities impacted by the current housing crisis “are the same communities that face greater rates of eviction, even when we’re not in a global pandemic,”

The $2.4 billion in rent relief that our movement secured is expected to be available to community members by the end of May. We are preparing to train tens of thousands of New Yorkers on how to apply, and will provide direct assistance through the application process to as many people as we can.

Help us increase our capacity by donating today. Your support will enable us to bring this much needed relief to our communities.

The program is critical not only because it will enable over 1 million tenants to cover unpaid rent from the past year, but also because landlords who accept these funds will be required to enact a year-long rent freeze and agree not to evict tenants for a year. This will help keep tenants in their homes for the next year, as we fight for good cause eviction legislation to provide permanent protections for tenants across the state.

Our resources on the rent relief program are here, and those who need assistance can sign up there to learn more.

In solidarity,