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Category: Workplace Justice

Excluded workers launch strike to demand relief!

  • Deborah L. Axt Board Member

As we write this, excluded workers are marching down Broadway to launch a hunger strike. They will put their bodies on the line, once again, to demand that New York provide relief for them and their families.

Excluded workers have gone a full year without state or federal relief. As the state’s budget deadline approaches, we want to make it absolutely clear: state leadership must provide $3.5 billion dollars of relief through an excluded worker fund to ensure weekly payments on par with unemployment benefits.

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have been left behind in this crisis. They have not had access to unemployment benefits, stimulus checks or other government relief. The same people who have kept our city and state running have been excluded from the relief they need.

As we fight for relief, we will continue to provide as much as we can to excluded families through our COVID-19 emergency fund. Donate here.

Follow us on social media for daily updates about the hunger strike! With your support, and the power of the strikers, we will win. 

Thank you for your support.

In solidarity,