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Category: Health , Housing Justice

Final days to win big on health and housing

  • Jennifer Hernandez Lead Organizer

We’re in the final days before the New York state budget is finalized, and I’m writing from Albany, where three of my colleagues just got arrested, along with dozens of other housing justice advocates.

Our members and team are putting everything we have into the final days and hours before the budget is finalized to win progressive policies that will improve our lives.

We need you to add your voice, and we need your financial support in these final days to help us win.

Here’s the latest and how you can help:

Good cause eviction protection would protect millions of tenants from unjust evictions and huge rent increases. With rents and displacement rising, New Yorkers need to be able to stay in their homes securely. We need safe homes where repairs are done, and the heat stays on. Good cause was included in the Senate and Assembly budget, but Governor Hochul has opposed it, and we need to keep the pressure on.

How you can help: 

Contact your state representatives to express your support for this policy
Contribute to our housing organizing with a gift today
Share your support on social media

Coverage for All would expand the state’s Essential Plan to all low-income people, regardless of immigration status. It covers an estimated 255,000 uninsured people in our state who are left out of federally funded health insurance. It would save the state more than $500 million a year, which it currently spends on Emergency Medicaid for this population.

The Senate and Assembly have supported the bill and we need to ensure that Governor Hochul includes it in the final budget.

How you can help: 

-Call Governor Hochul’s office with this demand
-Support our members in their final push with a donation in their honor
-Share your support on social media

For the past week, our members and staff have been holding vigils at the capital, rallying in front of the Governor’s office, broadcasting their demands across Albany, marching through their neighborhoods, and facing arrest to gain support for these measures.

Thanks for adding your voice and your financial support. Together we can win big for our communities this week!