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Know Your Rights

Get ready to vote in the June primary elections!

  • Theo Oshiro Co-Executive Director

Elections are finally here! Early voting in the primaries begins this weekend, and we want to make sure that people in our community who are eligible to vote, show up and make their voices heard!

There are so many reasons to vote early. It’s often less crowded so you can get in and out faster, and you have more options for voting around your schedule. We are thrilled to be part of ongoing efforts to help register voters. Over the last decade, we have helped thousands of U.S. citizens in our neighborhoods across New York State register to vote.

Not sure if you’re registered or if your registration is up to date? Check out here to find out and make sure you’re registered. It only takes one minute! 

The futures of immigrant, Black, and brown communities depend on electing leaders who will fight for the respect and dignity of all of us.

That’s why today, we’re making a simple request: will you register to vote or make sure your registration is up to date? New Yorkers can do this online in just a few easy steps. Check your registration, make updates, or register here!

As we get ready to make our way to the polls beginning this Saturday, here are key dates to keep in mind for the upcoming weeks:

  • Saturday, June 15: Voter registration deadline.
  • Saturday, June 15: Early mail/absentee ballot request deadline (online).
  • Saturday, June 15: Early voting begins. (Find your early voting poll site here)
  • Sunday, June 23: Early voting ends.
  • Monday, June 24: Early mail/absentee ballot request deadline (in person).
  • Tuesday, June 25: General Election Day and deadline to postmark your early mail/ absentee ballot or drop it off at a poll site.

Once you’ve done that, text three of your loved ones to make sure they are registered and to remind them to vote. Together we can empower our communities to make their voices heard in every election.

¡Sí se puede!

– Theo Oshiro, Co-Executive Director