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Know Your Rights
Category: Housing Justice

🏠 Good Cause legislation protects tenants like me

My name is Carlos Juca Caramillo and I’m a member of Make the Road New York. Today, I want to share my story as a tenant and talk to you about the importance of Good Cause eviction legislation.

In the midst of the downpour from Hurricane Ida in 2021, my landlord evicted me from my apartment that I had lived in for six years. He claimed vague “fixes” to remove me and took the eviction as an opportunity to try to raise the rent on the apartment.

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After getting kicked out from my home, housing attorneys from Make the Road New York helped to fight my case, and I was eventually able to return to my apartment. But my landlord didn’t stop there.

When I moved back in, he got angry and increased my rent by $1,000 per month. Such a steep increase has put me at the brink of losing my apartment. I had to get another job to try to stay in the apartment, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep making rent.

Unfortunately, cases like mine are not unique, as there are approximately five million tenants who currently have little to no protections from evictions and exorbitant rent increases.

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Landlords act in predatory ways because there are no consequences for them. Without more tenant protections, families will continue to face an impossible choice at the end of their lease: accept an unsustainable rent increase or face the possibility of being forced onto the streets if they cannot.

This is why we demand Governor Hochul and the Legislature to pass Good Cause eviction. Good Cause would protect tenants like me by ensuring that we can organize for the living conditions we deserve and renew our lease without worrying about steep rent hikes or a sudden eviction. 

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Housing is a human right, it’s time for legislators and Governor Hochul to ensure all New Yorkers have access to safe, decent, and affordable housing.

– Carlos Juca Jaramillo, Make the Road New York Member