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Know Your Rights

Help fight for a healthier New York for all!

  • Arline Cruz Director of Health Programs

For far too long, many immigrant New Yorkers have had to give up going to the doctor because of their immigration status. Many undocumented members of our community are unable to access health insurance, and without it, the fear of high medical costs means they end up risking their health and their lives.

But there is hope that this will all change. Last week, the Coverage for All bill passed in the State Senate for a second year in a row! Now, we are pushing for the State Assembly to pass this bill and ensure every New Yorker can access critical health care at an affordable cost, regardless of immigration status.

Coverage for All would expand health coverage to approximately 150,000 low-income immigrant New Yorkers, while simultaneously saving the state approximately $400 million a year and easing the burden on emergency rooms.

Nobody should have to put their lives at risk because of the high costs of healthcare. 

Will you donate $25 or the cost of your insurance co-pay to ensure all low-income New Yorkers can access affordable healthcare? 

As Make the Road NY member Monica Escalante shared at a press conference in the Bronx at Montefiore Hospital: “Before having Medicaid, I couldn’t afford to see a doctor. I often skipped visits and tried to stretch my medications. As a person living with diabetes, this is dangerous, but I had no other choice.” Monica is recently eligible for Medicaid due to our advocacy efforts to expand Medicaid to undocumented immigrants over the age of 65.

For those of us lucky enough to have health insurance, we are able to access life-saving care at a small fraction of the cost. Ricardo, you can help us expand that right in New York!

With your support we’ll continue to mobilize members, meet with elected officials, and build the political will to pass Coverage for All in New York during this legislative session which ends in June. There are a few weeks left!

Ricardo, your support can lead us to a healthier, more equitable New York. Will you help us across the finish line in this fight?

Thank you for your support.

– Arline Cruz Escobar, Director of Health Programs