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Category: Workplace Justice

How Can You Help Excluded Workers on Hunger Strike?

  • Angeles Solis Lead Organizer

Did you see that excluded and undocumented workers shut down the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge last week? There’s more bold action ahead and we want to fill you in on how you can get involved.

Excluded workers are preparing to launch a hunger strike to make their demands crystal clear: Governor Cuomo, the Senate, and the Assembly must include the Excluded Worker Fund in the state budget by April 1st, 2021.

Help support our strikers! Sign up here to volunteer your skills or time. We are looking for extra hands, transportation support, creatives including musicians, artists and more to sustain the energy of this action.

Click here to donate to our Strike Fund. Your donation will ensure that the family members of strikers have meals and other support while their loved one is on the strike line.

These workers have suffered not only incredible economic hardship but illness and tragedy during the past year. They are ready to put their bodies on the line to show state leaders that we need a solution that matches the enormity of this crisis.

Day laborers, domestic workers, laundry workers, sex workers, street vendors, deliveristas, recently incarcerated people and other excluded workers have been left out of state unemployment and federal stimulus checks throughout the pandemic.

The state budget must include a $4.6 billion Excluded Worker Fund to provide direct income assistance akin to unemployment to these families. They have struggled to afford food, rent and other basic expenses for almost a year now and it is long past time for our state to take action.

Thank you for supporting striking workers and their powerful call to fund excluded New Yorkers.
With gratitude,