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Category: Workplace Justice

I am in the eleventh day of a hunger strike to #FundExcludedWorkers

My name is Rubiela Correa and I am in the eleventh day of a hunger strike. I have gone 264 hours without food.

I did not make this choice lightly. I have not eaten for the last eleven days because undocumented New Yorkers, like me, can not survive any longer without government support.

New York MUST create a $3.5 billion dollar excluded worker fund in order to expand unemployment benefits to all. I help pay for everyone else’ social safety net, yet I myself cannot access a cent.

There is an incredible amount of wealth in this state and yet those of us who are undocumented, and those who have been recently incarcerated, have received nothing. I have lived and worked in this state for many years, but when a crisis hit the state did nothing to ensure that I would be protected. 

Our state leadership must ensure that those of us who have gotten no relief through this pandemic, finally have the relief that we so desperately need.

This hunger strike becomes more difficult with each day that passes. I have continued because I believe that we can win relief. I want to win, and we NEED to win, for the thousands of excluded New Yorkers who have struggled every day for over a year. My strike continues on their behalf.

If you want to support us, donate to our strike fund and continue to put pressure on state leaders to demand that they pass an excluded workers fund.

For more updates on the hunger strike and other ways to take action, visit our campaign’s website.

Thank you,