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Category: Health

I just got arrested for #Coverage4All!

  • Arline Cruz Director of Health Programs

If you’re reading this, I was arrested in Albany along with other Make the Road NY team members. We’re calling on Governor Hochul and state leaders to deliver on the promise to expand access to health coverage to all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, in the state budget.

Both the State Senate and Assembly included this key priority for members of our community in their one-house budgets. We need to ensure Gov. Hochul follows their lead and includes it in the final budget.

I made the choice to get arrested thinking of all the community members we represent at Make the Road NY and across the state, who lack health care coverage, members like Enrique Nuñez, who shared their testimony today at the New York State Capitol:

“I have lived in Brooklyn for over 20 years. All this time, I’ve been undocumented, and for the past 15 years, I have suffered from type 2 diabetes, a chronic disease that requires a lot of care and has significantly impacted my quality of life. My life and the lives of our community members would be much better if we had access to health coverage that allows us to have frequent check-ups, treatments, medicine, prevention, and more, and most importantly, that allows us to increase our life expectancy.”

Support our efforts to ensure community members like Enrique get the health care coverage they need and deserve. Donate $30 to help us keep up the fight to get this life-saving legislation in the budget.

Everyone in our state needs and deserves health coverage; we’re close to making this a reality. Coverage for All would cover an estimated 255,000 New Yorkers left out of health insurance.

We’re in the final push to win a victory that will have an enormous impact on the health of immigrant families. Thanks for helping us get there; your support means so much.