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In memory of those who walked with us

  • Javier H. Valdés Co-Executive Director
  • Deborah L. Axt Co-Executive Director

In just a few short weeks we have lost many dear community members, family members and friends.

We have not been able to gather together in mourning. Please join us in honoring their memory.

We hope that this memorial site will be a source of comfort until we can be together in person to remember those we have lost – a place to share stories and memories, to insist that those dear to us are not forgotten.

The future remains uncertain and the path towards justice seems longer and more difficult than it did just weeks ago, but we continue to strive for a better future, holding these words in our heart.

“Searcher, there is no road. We make the road by walking.”
“Caminante, no hay camino. Se hace camino al andar.”

– Antonio Machado, Proverbios y Cantares XXIX

We remember those who have walked with us, and we continue our fight for justice in their honor, demanding that our leaders address the inequalities and injustices that have left our communities so vulnerable.

In Solidarity,