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Join our cacerolazo demanding a #Recovery4All

  • Jose Lopez Deputy Director

We have a simple request. Wherever you are today at 2pm join us in demanding a #Recovery4All. 

Here’s how:

  • Create a sign with your #Recovery4All demands using hashtags #CancelRent, #MakeBillionaresPay or #FreeThemAll and hang it outside your window.

  • Grab a pot, pan or anything else that makes noise. Make as much noise as you can outside your window for ten minutes!

  • Share photos or videos of your action with us on social media by tagging @MaketheRoadNY

You can take this simple and powerful action wherever you are. We hope you’ll join us today at 2pm, and every Friday until our demands our met. 

We look forward to hearing you making a racket across New York.

In solidarity,