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Learn how to make your home more climate resilient! 🏡

We are helping our communities remain resilient in the face of climate change!

Last month in partnership with the Regional Plan Association (RPA), we released our new Climate Action Manual, outlining specific city and state policy recommendations for a more sustainable and resilient New York. Over the past two years, Make the Road NY and RPA have worked together to build climate adaptation capacity at our organization and to develop policy solutions that can make our neighborhoods more resilient places.

We also released a “Healthy Homes Guide” to help New Yorkers take action in their own homes and make them more climate resilient.

Here are a few tips you can use to take control and make sure you and your loved ones can practice resilience everyday:

  • Recycle any paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic items in your household instead of throwing them in the garbage.
  • Compost food scraps to reduce organic material in our landfills.
  • Use reusable bags, utensils, and food containers to cut down on single-use plastic waste.
  • If possible, purchase local produce and food. Seek out community gardens which source local and organically-grown goods for you and your family.
  • Install your AC unit with no gaps and clean your AC filter regularly to ensure energy efficiency.
  • Request a new tree on your sidewalk through the MillionTreesNYC Initiative.
  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room to save energy and money.

Download our Healthy Homes Guide here to learn even more tips on how you can better prepare and adapt for climate change.

Together we can practice resilience and create a more sustainable home. We hope our resources help you take that first step.

¡Sí se puede!

P.S. The Healthy Homes Guide is also available in Spanish, click here to download.