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Category: Workplace Justice

Marching on Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges to #FundExcludedWorkers!

  • Deborah L. Axt Board Member

Today, our members are taking courageous action and calling on state legislators to pass the #FundExcludedWorkers Act!

To protest over 300 days of zero relief, hundreds of marchers are taking over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges right now to demand that Albany grant aid to over 1.2 million essential but excluded workers. Check out the livestream here.

Excluded workers are a critical labor force who have remained on the frontlines since day one of the state of emergency – farm workers maintaining food supply lines, food workers keeping small businesses afloat, and healthcare workers saving lives. Barred from all stimulus aid and from receiving a single cent from Unemployment Insurance, they have survived without any financial relief, with the exception of what organizations like Make the Road have provided.

As our members boldly take over the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, demanding that state lawmakers finally take action, will you join our fight?

Time is running out! The state budget is due on April 1st, and excluded workers cannot suffer through another year. Will you donate now to continue our organizing efforts to #FundExcludedWorkers?

Our demand for budget justice is simple: raise taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers through the Invest In Our New York legislative package, and dedicate $4.6 billion to a fund for excluded workers. This will provide weekly and retroactive direct cash payments from April 2020 through 2021 – which matches what other workers receive from Unemployment – and ensures families can afford food, stay in their homes, and survive this crisis.

Governor Cuomo and state legislative leaders must no longer ignore the pain and suffering of  our communities. Thank you for continuing to fight with us for a #Recovery4All!

In solidarity,