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Know Your Rights
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Our vision for New York uplifts immigrant, Black and brown New Yorkers!

  • Jose Lopez Co-Executive Director
  • Arlenis Morel Co-Executive Director
  • Theo Oshiro Co-Executive Director

Yesterday, Governor Hochul laid out her priorities for 2022 in her State of the State address. Even as COVID-19 and its economic impacts continue to devastate our communities the Governor failed to put forward transformative policy proposals to support immigrants and Black and brown New Yorkers.

Our fight continues. Excluded workers need funding, immigrants need full access to health insurance and health care, tenants need real, durable protections and the state needs to end criminalization of and violence towards sex workers.

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We are urging Governor Hochul to deliver for immigrant, Black and brown New Yorkers.

These are our demands:

  • $3 billion to fully meet the urgent need for a second round of funds to the historic Excluded Worker Fund
  • Expanding health coverage and care for all, regardless of immigration status (Coverage4all)
  • Support for Good Cause Eviction, which guarantees tenants the right to a lease renewal and prohibits retaliatory evictions and unconscionable rent increases
  • Support for the Solutions Not Suspensions Act, ending harsh and ineffective school disciplinary practices that disproportionately impact youth of color and students with disabilities
  • Support for the Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act; a bill to decriminalize and decarcerate the sex trades in New York

We will keep fighting to make sure our demands are met. Please donate to support our efforts.

Thanks for standing with us.

In Solidarity,