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Reflecting and Honoring the Life of Breonna Taylor.

  • Kesi Foster Co-Director of Youth Power Project

Our hearts are with Breonna Taylor’s family, who has endured five excruciating months since the Louisville Police Department murdered Breonna.

Breonna Taylor was a daughter, sister, and a caregiver. She was an EMT supporting her community during the pandemic. We honor her life and the struggle for justice taken up by her family. Today, we encourage you to reflect about Breonna and her family through the words of her mother: The Life Breonna Taylor Lived

Yesterday’s announcement merely reinforces that murdering a Black woman in her sleep is legally sanctioned in this country. 

Over the coming days, we will hear shallow promises and commitments for police ‘reform’ from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo. But let’s recall: neither one advanced efforts to prevent law enforcement from taking Black lives. The legislation passed was rather a result of tireless organizing by communities plagued by police abuse.

Everyone committed to justice should tune out de Blasio, Cuomo and other elected officials that have failed time and again to hold law enforcement accountable. Instead, we must listen to the demand to defund the police that will echo from protest to protest across the city, state, and country.

Please follow Communities United for Police Reform for updates on ways to take action in the coming days!

Incremental change will not stop the state-sanctioned murder of Black people. 

We need transformative change, and our members will continue to organize to defund the police to ensure Black Lives Matter.