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Category: Police Accountability

Seven years later, we still stand with Eric Garner’s family

We continue to demand justice for Eric Garner!

Seven years ago today, Eric Garner was choked to death by NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo while multiple officers stood by as he pleaded for his life. Following his death, NYPD officers lied on official police reports, falsified a charge, and devalued his life and humanity.

Until this day, only Daniel Pantaleo has been fired, while all the other officers involved continue to work in our communities.

Every year, our youth leaders from across New York City gather in Staten Island to hold a powerful vigil and speak out to commemorate Eric Garner’s life, while also demanding accountability for NYPD officers who have killed New Yorkers like Delrawn Small, Kawaski Trawick, and Shantel Davis to name only a few. Read this article featuring our youth-led action this week.

We will always stand with Eric Garner’s family and other families demanding accountability for NYPD misconduct and brutality. We call on the Mayor and Police Commissioner to fire all officers involved in Eric Garner’s murder and for the immediate firings of all the officers involved in killing, abusing, and brutalizing immigrant, Black and brown New Yorkers, and all New Yorkers.

In solidarity,