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Know Your Rights
Category: Immigration

Solidarity with Haitians. Stop the violence, detention and deportation.

It is horrifying to witness the violent abuse and mistreatment that Haitian migrants are experiencing at the border at the hands of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

We are absolutely outraged and call on the Biden administration to immediately stop the violence, stop the inhumane detention, and stop the deportation flights. This administration must take immediate steps to ensure it both upholds every single migrant’s human rights and affords them the due process they deserve.

The Biden administration must provide humanitarian assistance to these migrants, offer refuge to those seeking asylum, and hold itself and all officers who violate these migrants’ rights accountable.

Migration is natural. All migrants seeking safety should be welcomed with dignity.

Haitian Bridge is on the frontlines fighting the inhumane deportations of our Haitian siblings seeking asylum. We stand with them.

You’ve supported us in moments of crisis. Please donate to their efforts now.