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Category: Immigration

Support needed for asylum seekers from TX

  • Jose Lopez Co-Executive Director
  • Arlenis Morel Co-Executive Director
  • Theo Oshiro Co-Executive Director

We just got back from Port Authority Bus Terminal, where we, alongside our allies, welcomed another four buses of asylum-seeking immigrants that arrived here from Texas.

Immigrants seeking refuge are being sent from Texas to New York against their will, many without any local connections, as part of an anti-immigrant political stunt by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott’s cynical and dehumanizing ploy won’t deter us from our commitment to provide a welcoming home here in New York. We know you share this commitment.

We anticipate more arrivals from Texas in the weeks ahead and will be distributing prepaid phones, Metrocards and financial assistance to arriving asylum seekers, along with information about our vital services.

Can you support this effort by donating today? Your gift of $85 will enable us to distribute one phone including one month of phone service. Any amount helps, contribute what you can today.

Early this morning, after their long bus ride, we welcomed asylum-seekers in their first moments in New York City. We distributed financial assistance and Metrocards and shared information about our vital services. We’ll be distributing prepaid phones in the weeks ahead.

A gift of $425 will enable us to distribute five phones, with a month of service, to newly arrived individuals and families. This is a critical tool for them to access basic services and to connect with loved ones in the United States during their first weeks in a new country. Please contribute what you can.

We are coordinating closely with allied organizations and city leaders to ensure the needs of those seeking refuge are met. Thank you for helping us to provide these emergency resources, alongside our full array of services, that will support newly arriving immigrants in the weeks, months ahead.