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Category: Police Accountability

Today, as we remember Eric Garner, we continue to demand accountability

  • Jose Lopez Co-Executive Director

We continue to demand justice for Eric Garner!

Eight years ago today, Eric Garner was choked to death by NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, while multiple officers stood by as he pleaded for his life. Following his death, NYPD officers lied on official police reports, falsified a charge, and devalued his life and humanity.

Daniel Pantaleo is the only officer that has been fired, while all the other officers involved continue to work in our communities. It’s unacceptable that for 8 years the city and the NYPD have been trying to sweep the killing of Eric Garner under the rug.

Every year, on the anniversary of Eric’s death, our youth leaders from across New York City gather on Staten Island to hold a powerful vigil and speak out to commemorate his life, as well as Erica Garner, Eric’s daughter who died of a heart attack.

We also uplifted the life of Delrawn Small, who nearly six years ago was gunned down in front of his family by NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs. Our youth called on the city to fire Officer Wayne Isaacs, who to this day remains on the force as taxpayers continue to fund his paycheck.

We continue to stand with the families of Eric Garner, Delrawn Small, Kawaski Trawick, Allan Feliz, Antonio Williams, and the countless families demanding accountability for NYPD misconduct and brutality.

Just last month, the city council and mayor failed New Yorkers again, especially our youth, by refusing to defund the NYPD and remove cops from our schools.

We know the problems our communities face will not be resolved by increasing police budgets and putting more officers on our streets. The solutions we need must be focused on the well-being of our communities overall. Part of the answer is the need to invest in core infrastructure and services—truly affordable housing, strengthened health and human services, and quality education for all.