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🗳️Vote Early. Vote #YESon134.

  • Jose Lopez Co-Executive Director
  • Theo Oshiro Co-Executive Director
  • Arlenis Morel Co-Executive Director

New York’s general election is finally here! 

Are you ready to go to the polls this weekend? That’s right! Starting TODAY, Saturday, October 23rd, until Sunday, October 31st, New York’s registered voters can begin making their voices heard in the general election.

Early voting means you have the extra convenience to vote before Tuesday, November 2nd, Election Day, and your vote counts just the same. What matters is that you make your voice heard through your vote!

Find your early voting poll site right now and make your plan to vote early!

As you prepare to vote, we also want to make sure you have the information you’ll need to cast your ballot. This election, New Yorkers should VOTE YES on three statewide ballot propositions for a stronger democracy. Here’s why:

YES ON 1 means districts that put New Yorkers before politicians. New York took a first step towards a better redistricting process six years ago. Now, we have a chance to go further, put communities first, and protect ourselves from politicians looking to divide us as new maps are drawn.

YES ON 3 means no more voter registration deadlines. This will eliminate the state constitution’s nearly two week voter registration cutoff before an election.

YES ON 4 means you can vote absentee, no excuse needed. No-excuse absentee voting means you can vote absentee without needing to provide a reason.

At Make the Road NY, our organizers, members, and allies have reached thousands of New York voters through phone calls, webinars, and workshops about the importance of voting for respect and dignity in this upcoming election.

You can find out where your early voting poll site is in just a couple of minutes right here.

If you haven’t already done so, make a plan to vote early now. And if you’re not sure if you’re registered to vote, you can also check your registration here.

Now go ahead, and make a plan to make your voice heard starting TODAY!

¡Sí se puede!