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Watch Our May Day Caravan for a #Recovery4All!

  • Deborah L. Axt Co-Executive Director
  • Javier H. Valdés Co-Executive Director

This May Day we are demanding a #Recovery4All for New York. 

Today, we led a caravan to Gov. Cuomo’s office to make our demands clear. They are:

  • Create a $3.5 billion Excluded Workers’ Fund to support those left out of the federal stimulus, by raising taxes on the 112 billionaires in New York

  • #CancelRent to keep tenants in their homes

  • #FreeThemAll: release incarcerated and detained community members at risk due to COVID-19.

Watch our action livestream as we fight for a #Recovery4All. And take action on social media by changing your profile picture to publicize our demands


The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting immigrant, Black, and Brown communities hardest of all. Essential workers are on the frontlines delivering food, packing boxes in warehouses, cleaning, and caring for the sick without protective equipment.

The federal stimulus has left our communities out in the cold, excluding millions from relief. While we continue to fight for a full and inclusive federal response, we are also demanding urgent state action.

So far, New York’s response has been totally inadequate. Governor Cuomo has cut Medicaid during this crisis, rolled back on bail reform that would have kept our loved ones out of cages, and refused to tax the rich to meet urgent community needs.

Continued inaction to meet the needs of excluded workers, renters, and detained and incarcerated people will lead to more death, hunger, and displacement.

¡Sí se puede!