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We have a billionaires’ Governor

  • Jose Lopez Co-Executive Director
  • Arlenis Morel Co-Executive Director
  • Theo Oshiro Co-Executive Director

Our Governor and state leaders finally reached a deal on the New York State budget. What is clear from the process is that we have a Governor that is doing the bidding of wealthy donors and standing in the way of meeting the needs of everyday New Yorkers.

On issue after issue—from expanding tenant protections to raising the minimum wage to increasing access to health coverage to protect our public schools—Governor Hochul refused to engage with the priorities of our communities and the legislators who represent us.  

She held the entire process hostage to meet the wants of billionaire donors and fear-mongering Republicans. Her administration actively spread misinformation and confusion in order to block progressive policies.

Five weeks remain in this legislative session, and now we are counting on Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Heastie to move swiftly and pass top legislative priorities for immigrants and communities of color across the state. Especially given the veto-proof Democratic supermajorities in both chambers, there is no reason to tolerate further obstructionism from the Governor.

New Yorkers struggle to afford basic needs, and this crisis is only growing. It is indefensible and cruel that Hochul has denied workers, tenants, and families the support and protection they need.

We will continue to fight until all New Yorkers receive the respect and dignity they deserve. Thanks for being with us in the fight!

In solidarity,