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Another attack on DACA recipients, help us fight back!

  • Deborah L. Axt Co-Executive Director
  • Javier H. Valdés Co-Executive Director

Earlier this week we were excited to share the news below with you. Following our Supreme Court victory we had submitted our first new DACA application since 2017–the year that the Trump administration attempted to cancel the program.

Now, with sadness and anger, we are writing with an update. Yesterday, July 28th 2020, DHS released a memorandum stating that it will reject all new initial requests for DACA applications, Advance Parole requests and limiting work authorizations of current DACA recipients to 1 year–a process which comes at a high cost.

We want to support as many DACA recipients as possible in covering the exorbitant $495 application fee. Will you donate today to help us cover these renewal fees? Your donation will be matched!

Our Legal and Organizing team will be breaking down what the latest memorandum on DACA means and what are the next steps. Watch our webinar to learn more. 

We’re excited to announce that this morning, our legal team helped two young people apply for DACA! The two brothers are our first new applicants since Trump’s attempt to rescind the program in 2017. 

Last month, in an unprecedented win for immigrant youth, the Supreme Court ruled on our side to restore the DACA program, which meant that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) must not only continue accepting DACA renewals, but also NEW applications.

“In 2017, I was on the brink of submitting my application when Trump unlawfully ended the program and blocked new applicants,” said Dirceu Hernandez, 18, member of Make the Road New York and Long Island resident. “I have seen how DACA has transformed the lives of undocumented youth. I want to pursue a career of my choosing, work to help support my family, and live without the fear of deportation.”

Will you donate $5, $10 or $25 today to help us cover the costs of DACA application fees? Your donation will be matched!

Unfortunately, since the Court’s decision on June 18th, USCIS has refused to implement the DACA program as it existed prior to Trump’s termination. Youth eligible for DACA continue to wait for further guidance from USCIS. It is clear that the Trump administration is pushing his anti-immigrant agenda onto governmental agencies and encouraging them to break the law, even when specifically ruled by the Supreme Court. Additionally, on July 17th, a federal court in Maryland ordered the Trump administration to begin accepting new applications.

We will continue pushing for justice for a new wave of young immigrants who will be able to work, study, and pursue their dreams in this country, but we cannot do it alone.

Your support to our fight for immigrant youth will go a long way as we help them apply for DACA so they can achieve their dreams.

¡Sí se puede!