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WE’RE BACK! Join us August 2nd for our Annual #TransLatinxMarch

  • Bianey Garcia LGBTQ Organizer

Get ready to celebrate our TGNCIQ community!

Join us for our 10th Annual Trans-Latinx March on Monday, August 2 at 6PM at Corona Plaza, Roosevelt Ave between National St. and 104 St. Although “march” is in the hashtag, this year we’ll be rallying in place instead of marching 😎

This year is incredibly special as it’s the tenth year our members and allies gather to create this safe space to raise awareness, demand trans and queer liberation and honor the resiliency of our community.

Trans lives are valuable and this year our members are prioritizing these demands:

  1. Dismantle NYPD vice units that disproportionately target and criminalize trans women of color
  2. Decriminalize sex work
  3. Provide a pathway to citizenship for all

Invite all of your loved ones and friends to join in solidarity.

See you there!​​​​​​