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Will you share a portion of your stimulus check?

  • Deborah Axt Allied Board Member

The $1.9 trillion dollar federal stimulus package just passed and that’s very good news for many people who have been struggling financially through this crisis.

Our communities, however, are still largely excluded. It has been nearly a year without any income relief, except for what organizations like ours — and donors like you — have provided.

If you can, please consider donating a portion of your stimulus check to the people who won’t receive one.

For a full year our members have been on the frontlines in essential jobs. They were among the first to lose work. Many of them can barely afford food and basic necessities. They have fallen ill and lost family members.

And still, a year into this, most of them have not received any government relief.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of thousands of donors, we’ve distributed $4.5 million dollars in direct cash aid to help families survive this. Thank you for making this possible!

For immigrant and working-class New Yorkers this crisis is far from over. That is why we are asking you, once again, to share what you can from your stimulus check.

If you’re able, please consider sharing all or part of your stimulus check to let these families know they are not alone.

Thank you so much for incredible generosity over the past year.
With gratitude always