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Category: Workplace Justice

Yes we are hungry, but we are hungry for justice! #FundExcludedWorkers

  • Claudio Felipe Idrova Member - Environmental and Housing Justice Project - Queens

I have gone two weeks without food. I am hungry and I am shaking. 

My name is Felipe Idrovo. I am participating in a hunger strike to bring attention to the terrible injustice and pain that excluded workers have experienced over the last year.

Our demand is clear: We need a $3.5 billion dollar excluded worker fund from New York State to provide the equivalent of unemployment insurance for excluded workers.

This has been an impossible year for me and for so many others. In March I lost my job, a couple of weeks later I lost my only brother to COVID-19. I was displaced from my home because I was unable to pay rent.

While workers like me struggled, and got zero dollars in relief, the megarich gained $158 billion dollars in wealth.

I am here striking because I have paid into a system that refuses to provide for me. I am here because of a system that enables the rich to grow richer, while working people are left to starve.

Yes we are tired. Yes we are hungry, but we are hungry for justice!

I believe that we are close to winning, and I hope you will support our fight. Donate to our strike fund and continue to put pressure on state leaders to demand that they pass an excluded worker fund.

For more updates on the hunger strike and other ways to take action, visit our campaign’s website.

¡Sí se puede!