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Source: 24 Action News
Subject: Legal Services
Type: Media Coverage

Bushwick Teens Arrested, Get Settlement

The city agreed to pay a $257,000 settlement to 16 teens from Bushwick
who, back in 2007, were rounded up and arrested while they met up and
walked to a friend’s funeral.

The **teens and young adults were walking peacefully to the funeral of
a friend who according to police was a member of the Bloods gang when
they were apprehended.

Micheal Scolnick, the teens lawyers says "each settled for $9,000.
The older ones who had formal charges issued against them for unlawful
assembly and disorderly conduct settled for $20K."

Many of the young people’s teachers and parents demanded an apology
from the city. So far, the city law department has not made a statement
about the settlement. 

**Some of the teens are members of Make the Road’s Youth Power Project.