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Know Your Rights
Source: New York Post
Subject: Health Justice & Access
Type: Media Coverage

Cancer gal hails ‘victory’

Brooklyn resident Irania Sanchez [member of Make the Road New York] said the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare decision could be a lifesaver for her family.

“This is a huge victory for us” said Sanchez, 44, a Nicaraguan native.

She said deadly illness has haunted her family, and better preventive care required under the law will help.

“My brother died of cancer, my grandmother died of cancer, my sister is in Nicaragua suffering with cancer. It’s something that has gone through my entire family, so I’m scared,” said Sanchez, now a US citizen. She lives in Bushwick with her uncle, Pablo Medal, 60, and her daughters Gabriela, 14, and Aylin, 11.

Sanchez was diagnosed with colon cancer a year ago and suffers from asthma and gastritis.

Her uncle has problems with his pancreas. He earns too much to get public insurance like Medicaid but not enough to afford private insurance, Sanchez said.

But he could qualify for subsidies to afford private insurance under the Affordable Care Act, she said.

“My uncle will be able to get better doctors and better treatment,” Sanchez said, noting that it leaves her “a lot calmer.”

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