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Source: Daily News
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

Coalition calls for inclusion of DREAM Act in Gov. Cuomo’s upcoming budget proposal

A coalition of 15 groups is urging Gov. Cuomo to include creation of a state DREAM Act in his upcoming budget proposal next month.

The Reform NY TAP Coalition says on the 40th anniversary of the creation of the state tuition assistance program, New York should expand it to allow for it to cover the college kids of undocumented immigrants.

“The dreams of the undocumented students in New York cannot be deferred any longer. Gov. Cuomo must act now,” said Nicole Marie Ponzo, vice chairwoman of student affairs for CUNY’s University Student Senate.

The coalition sent a letter to Cuomo on Wednesday asking for a meeting to discuss the DREAM Act among other issues. Among the 15 groups in the coalition are the New York Public Interst Research Group, CUNY DREAMers Coalition, Hispanic Federation, the New York State United Teachers, LaFuente, and Make the Road NY.

“TAP should be realigned with the needs of today’s students and families,” the letter says. “Our coalition has a platform of reforms, which we urge you to support. You should begin by including funds and rule changes to implent the NYS DREAM Act in the next state budget.”

Including the DREAM Act in his state budget proposal “is an important step toward modernizing TAP,” the letter adds.

The DREAM Act passed the state Assembly eariler this year but was voted down in the Senate.

After taking heat from Latinos and others for not pushing the issue hard enough, Cuomo has said in recent months he will make the issue a priority in the coming year.

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