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Source: Your Free Press
Subject: TGNCIQ Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Hate Crime Victim Faces Deportation after Two Years of Wrongful Imprisoment

Jorjelina Aguirre, mother of Ricardo Muñiz, an openly gay Mexican immigrant plead for the release of her son, [along with members of Make the Road New York]. Ricardo Muñiz, was the victim of an anti-gay beating in Brooklyn. The NYPD failed to designate the incident as a hate crime, despite Ricardo’s multiple injuries and the details of the police report. Instead, Mr. Muñiz was arrested several weeks later, accused of having attacked his two homophobic assailants. Mr. Muñiz has been awating trial in Riker’s Island jail for 18 months, unable to post bail because Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has place a detainer on him. Mayor Bloomberg’s policy is to honor all Federal immigration detainers without exercising any discretion. Today, the long awaited verdict on Mr. Muñiz case has finally been delivered and Ricardo has been declared innocent of all charges. Meanhile, Mr. Muñiz innocent, in detention at the City’s Department of correction at City tax payers’ expense and will soon be turned over to federal immigration authorities. In this video Ricardo’s mother speak in Spanish following with a translation of her plead for her son.

The YFP Call on the wonderful people of this city to help this mother to get her son back.

For the original article and to watch video coverage of the event, please click here.