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Know Your Rights
Source: Gothamist
Subject: Workplace Justice
Type: Media Coverage

How New York City Must Support Low-Wage Essential Workers as They Support Everyone Else

For many low-wage workers like Luz and her colleagues, obtaining private counsel is prohibitively expensive. Often, the worker’s damages from a case are less than the actual cost for a private attorney to bring the case forward. Created in 2019, LWWI is the only dedicated city-funded program that provides free, individually-tailored, employment civil legal services and case management support to workers in New York City’s low-wage industries. These services enable workers to seek redress from wage theft, discrimination, harassment, unsafe working conditions, and other workplace violations. Each year, LWWI helps thousands of low-wage workers — the overwhelming majority of whom are from Black, Latino, Asian, and immigrant communities — access justice so they can enforce their legal rights.