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Know Your Rights
Source: CBS/Fox News
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

Immigration Rallies Held Across Country


Several rallies were held today across the country protesting Arizona’s new immigration law. Civil rights advocates say they will challenge the bill in court. CBS News Correspondent Terrell Brown reports from New York.

A couple hundred people protested at a Tucson Congressman’s office Saturday….upset about Arizona’s new immigration law.

(Rep. Raul Grijalva/(D) AZ): "This state of ours, Arizona, which we all love, has entered a dark, shadowy period of its political existence."

Representative Raul Grijalva opposes the law…..he closed his office Friday because of death threats.

NY rally (NY, NY). Protesters also held several other rallies around the country.

Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer signed the tough new law Friday. It would make it a state crime to be in the U.S. illegally. Police will also be able to ask anyone to prove their legal status….and demand to see a driver’s license or state ID. Violators could be arrested and sent to jail for up to six months.

(Bay Buchanon/Republican Strategist): "What they’re giving is the tools to the law enforcement officers of Arizona. The same tools that we have now given to the border agents. They have the ability to ask people about their legal status."

But those against the law say it will lead to racial profiling. They fear Hispanics will be harrassed by police because of their race….and call the bill an open invitation for discrimination.

(Anamaria Archila**/Protester): "That law legalizes racial profiling which we fought so hard to end in this country."

Governor Brewer says the law won’t violate anyone’s civil rights. The bill will go into effect this summer but it’s facing some obstacles. President Obama calls it misguided and has instructed the Justice Department to investigate if it’s legal. And at least two groups are planning to file challenges of their own. Terrell Brown, CBS News, New York.

**Co-executive Director of Make the Road New York.

Watch the video here.