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Know Your Rights
Source: Queens Chronicle
Subject: Workplace Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Info on immigrant, tenant aid

New websites designed to help tenants and unauthorized immigrants access the benefits they were granted in the state budget have been set up by advocacy group Make the Road New York.

The sites are in English and Spanish,at

The new state budget allocates $2.1 billion in funding for excluded workers who were not able to receive benefits granted to people who were employed legally. And it sets aside $2.4 billion in rent relief.

Make the Road is encouraging people to sign up on its websites for updates, including invitations to upcoming workshops it will hold and help with applying once the time comes. The group said it was a tough fight to get the funding in the state budget.

“Over the last year, Black, Brown, and immigrant community members have continuously called on Governor Cuomo and state legislators to provide immediate relief for workers and tenants,” it said in a press release announcing the websites, adding that those who organized and marched for the aid “put their lives on the line in leading the fight for a recovery for all.”