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Know Your Rights
Source: Make the Road New York
Subject: Workplace Justice
Type: Press Advisory

Latino Restaurant Workers to Confront Employer Who Owes $45,000 in Back Wages

restaurant workers and 50 immigrant worker supporters to confront the employer
who owes $45,000 in back wages

to file complaint with State Department of Labor

to call on the City Council to pass the Responsible Restaurant Act which would
crack down on restaurants with labor violations

What:  A protest on behalf of Rodrigo Vasquez, a
worker who has suffered gross violations of overtime pay. Mr. Vasquez worked as
kitchen and staff at popular Manhattan restaurant Trattoria Pesce Pasta for
over 12 years. The restaurant is owned by Luciano Marchignoli, whose business
offices are at 313 W. 46th St.   

staff, Mr. Vasquez consistently worked ten to thirteen hour days, six per week.
On a regular basis, Vasquez was required to stay after hours for special
events, and was never paid overtime. The plaintiff was required to work
mandatory overtime was never paid one-and-one-half times his or her regular
rate of pay for overtime hours as mandated by law. In addition, the restaurant
owes him his final two weeks of pay. Mr. Vasquez will file a formal complaint
with the State Department of Labor this week.

will also call on the City Council to pass the Responsible Restaurant Act –
legislation introduced earlier this year that would give the Department of
Health and Mental Hygiene more power to crack down on restaurants with labor
violations.  The bill would require
restaurants to self-report any violations, which the health department would
then list on its Web site. The bill would also give the department power to
revoke restaurant licenses based on labor violations.

Who:               Workers and members from Make the
Road New York

Where:            313 W. 46th Street,
Manhattan near 8th Avenue   

When:             Wednesday December 19th, 5:30 pm