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Know Your Rights
Source: Make the Road New York
Subject: Profiles of MRNY
Type: Pubs & Reports

MRNY 2015 Victories Brochure

Make the Road New York builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve respect and dignity. We provide services that help 15,000 people every year get on their feet and organize for far-reaching reforms that impact millions.


– COMMUNITY ORGANIZING that builds collective power with our 18,000 members and forges broad coalitions to win far-reaching reforms.

– TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION that reaches 4,000 people every year with adult literacy classes, college access support, job training, and citizenship preparation.

– LEGAL AND SURVIVAL SERVICES that provide tools for 15,000 families annually to lift themselves out of poverty.

– POLICY INNOVATIONS that meet the needs of our members and improve the lives of millions more.