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Source: Make the Road New York
Subject: Health Justice & Access
Type: Event

MRNY and Congressman Crowley Work to Preserve Medicare for Our Seniors

MRNY members celebrate the signing of the Wage Theft Prevention Act.

On June 30, Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-Queens, Bronx) joined MRNY with seniors and small business leaders from our communities to highlight the importance of preserving Medicare for low-income seniors. At the press conference, Congressman Crowley released “Breaking the Promise,” a 15-page report opposing the budget cuts put forth by Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

Leni Juca 

MRNY Small Business United member Leni Juca: “As a small business owner, it is hard to believe that we will balance our budgets on the backs of our seniors.”

“My report highlights just how high the stakes are for 7th District seniors and the future of our community,” Crowley said. “I am glad to have a partner in the fight for our community’s seniors in Make the Road New York. We must do all we can to uphold the promise of Medicare for today’s seniors as well as for future generations.”

MRNY members have long worked to ensure equitable and accessible healthcare, by advocating for national health reform, winning state and local policies that ensure equal access to health care for English language learners, and organizing for paid sick days for all workers in New York City.

Now, with attempts to voucher-ize Medicare gaining strength, we look forward to working with Congressman Joseph Crowley and other leaders to fight efforts that would weaken Medicare and to support efforts that keep us on course towards quality, affordable health care for generations to come. Our country needs to continue on the path set by health reform and treat health care as a right, not a privilege that only the wealthy can afford.

A copy of Congressman Crowley’s report can be read here.